The Miracle of Abundance

I posted a picture today to my KnuddyKnews page on Facebook. It talks about the Miracle of Abundance. Our world is set up as one of abundance. This miracle is clearly evident when pondering a simple apple. If you cut the apple open, it is quite easy to count the number of seeds within the apple. There are a finite number of seeds within the apple. You can count them and you can see that there are no more in the apple.

The miracle of abundance isn't contained within the apple, it's within the seed. There is no way for you to cut open that seed and see how many future apples are within. Just one seed that takes root in the soil, could be responsible for hundreds of apples in the next tree. And if those apples fall to the ground and several of the seeds contained within them flourish and grow to several new trees, the number of apples produced grows exponentially. Thousands of apples have now been born from that single seed. And this process can continue for generations.

The seed of an apple contains an infinite number of potential apples. It serves you no purpose to live with a scarcity mentality in a universe built on abundance.